Cala della Fornace 

3.3 (13 ratings)
  • 44° 2' 47" N, 9° 51' 17" E / See on the map


  • Anchor
  • Mooring buoys
  • Anchor stern to
  • Lines ashore
    Not necessary

Type of seabed

  • Sand

Protection against wind & swell

Reachable by dinghy

  • Beach
  • Snack
  • Water
  • Dock

User reviews (13 ratings)

  • Barbara ~ 15/07/2021
    Carolina Seconda | Motorboat ~ 5.65 m

    In case you ask the locals for information, the bay is commonly known as the "Maiella bay"

    In caso chiediate informazioni ai locali, la baia è Comunemente nota come “baia della Maiella”

  • Mauro
    Mauro ~ 05/06/2021
    El Bolido De Mar | Sailboat ~ 8.5 m

    Spent the night here I confirm that it is not very sheltered but the bottom is good tenant

    Passata la notte qui confermo poco riparata ma fondo buon tenitore

  • Quentin
    Quentin ~ 25/08/2020
    Antalex IV | Sailboat ~ 13.39 m

    Small cove very frequented by small boats and exposed to the many passages of speedboats. The bottoms are muddy and do not really invite swimming.

    Petite crique très fréquentée par les petites embarcations et exposée aux nombreux passages de vedettes. Les fonds sont vaseux et n’invitent pas vraiment à la baignade.

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