Illes Médes North 

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  • 42° 3' 0" N, 3° 13' 20" E / See on the map


  • Anchor
  • Mooring buoys
  • Anchor stern to
  • Lines ashore
    Not necessary

Type of seabed

  • Sand

Protection against wind & swell

Reachable by dinghy

  • Beach
  • Snack
  • Water
  • Dock

Information on mooring buoys

  • +34 972 75 17 01
  • VHF channel
  • 16 m
  • Seasonal
  • No
    Guest buoys
  • 18
    Number of buoys

User reviews (4 ratings)

  • Louis
    Louis ~ 31/03/2021
    Blackjack III | Sailboat ~ 10.23 m

    Good place to moor in buoy, but only authorized during the day. There are red buoys for less than 9 m and white buoys (less than red) for lengths greater than 9 m. In March the white buoy costs € 12 for half a day having to pay again in the afternoon. As no one has come, we have not paid anything and there were really few boats. The morning is from sunrise to 2:00 p.m., and the afternoon is from 2:00 p.m. to sunset. It is forbidden to spend the night. Spectacular environment and seabed full of life for being a marine reserve. Snorkeling is allowed.

    Buen lugar para amarrar en boya , pero solo autorizado de dia . Hay boyas rojas para menos de 9 m y boyas blancas ( menos que rojas) para esloras superiores a 9 m. En Marzo la boya blanca cuesta 12€ por medio día teniendo que pagar de nuevo por la tarde . Como no ha venido nadie no hemos pagado nada y realmente habían pocos barcos . La mañana es desde salida del sol hasta las 1400h, y la tarde es desde las 1400h hasta la puesta de sol . Está prohibido pasar la noche . Entorno espectacular y fondos marinos llenos de vida por tratarse de una reserva marina. El snorkeling está permitido .

  • Jerome
    Jerome ~ 21/08/2020
    RANGIROA | Sailboat ~ 12.55 m

    Superb place but busy, no way to get a buoy, we had to leave after going around twice, too bad ...

    Endroit superbe mais sur fréquenté, pas moyen d’avoir une bouée, nous avons du partir après avoir fait le tour deux fois, dommage...

  • Didier
    Didier ~ 06/07/2020
    schuss | Sailboat ~ 12.5 m

    Spectacular place but extremely regulated and controlled. For divers compulsory authorization (incredible grouper wildlife of 30/40 kg per 20 meter) under penalty of fine and in case of violation confiscation of the boat

    Endroit spectaculaire mais extrêmement réglementé et controlé. Pour les plongeurs autorisation obligatoire (faune incroyable mérous de 30/40 kg par 20 mètre) sous peine d'amende et en cas d'infraction confiscation de l'embarcation

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