Torre di Seu  

2.5 (2 ratings)
  • 39° 53' 54" N, 8° 24' 24" E / See on the map


  • Anchor
  • Mooring buoys
  • Anchor stern to
  • Lines ashore
    Not necessary

Type of seabed

  • Sand

  • Seaweed

Protection against wind & swell

Reachable by dinghy

  • Beach
  • Snack
  • Water
  • Dock

Information on mooring buoys

  • Phone
  • VHF channel
  • Length
  • Seasonal
  • No
    Guest buoys
  • 5
    Number of buoys

User reviews (2 ratings)

  • Franck ~ 08/08/2020
    Aotearoa | Sailboat ~ 11.65 m

    Arrived on a northwesterly gale, we had seen on Navily an authorized anchor, so we landed after the paying buoys, and a visibly used person takes his tender and comes to warn us that the anchor is indeed prohibited and liable to a fine of 340 € .. the anchor got stuck in this very rocky bottom, and forced me to dive to retrieve it ..

    Arrivés sur un coup de vent de nord ouest, nous avions vu sur Navily ancre autorisée, donc on se pose après les bouées payantes, et la une personne visisblement habituée prend son annexe et viens nous mettre en garde que l'ancre est bien interdite et passible d'une amende de 340 €..l'ancre s'est bloquée dans ce fond très rocheux, et m'a obligé de plonger pour la récupérer..

  • Francesco Fiorini ~ 13/08/2018
    Charisma | Sailboat ~ 11.39 m

    Mooring in solitary, despite 4 or 5 buoys, August 13, a paradise, a few miles north of Capo San Marco; the belly-ache island is about 5 miles north-w; capo mannu is north of turre seu, and borders the bay of PutzuIDU to the north; Once we have passed Capo Man, we can not head east towards the coast of Santa Caterina-S'archittu, where it is possible to moor with a calm sea; good mooring protected above all by the waves of the mistral is immediately behind capo mannu, a su Pallosu.

    Ormeggio in solitario, nonostante 4 o 5 boe, il 13 agosto, un paradiso, qualche miglia a nord di Capo San Marco; l’isola di mal di ventre è a circa 5 miglia a nord-w ; capo mannu è a nord di turre seu , e delimita a nord la baia di PutzuIDU; superato capo man non ci si può dirigere a est verso la costa di Santa Caterina-S’archittu, dove con mare calmo è possibile ormeggiare ; buon ormeggio protetto soprattutto dalle onde del maestrale è subito dietro capo mannu , a su Pallosu.