Discover the Dodecanese with Navily

The Dodecanese is an archipelago in the Aegean Sea in Greece, very close to Turkey. There are more than 150 islands and islets, most of which are renowned for their magnificent landscapes. The most famous island of the Dodecanese archipelago is undoubtedly the island of Rhodes, but there are also the islands of Patmos, Kos, Leros or even Karpathos which all have their share of wonders to discover.

Faced with a vast choice of islands and islets to visit, you will have no trouble finding your perfect destination in the Dodecanese on Navily.

The anchorage of [Lindos] (, on the island of Rhodes, is certainly the most emblematic place of the region: beaches, town, vestiges of the past: something to delight and make everyone agree.

The anchorage of [Paradisos] (, on the island of Leros, is, as its name suggests, a true paradise on earth. It is the perfect place for a holiday in the sun in a city whose architecture is typical of the image that Greece reflects internationally.

The Dodecanese is a huge playground for adventure seekers and you will always find the best spots in the region on Navily.