Malta's main island

Discover the island of Malta with Navily

The island of Malta, located in the south of Italy and right in the middle of the Mediterranean, is the main island of the Maltese archipelago, followed by Gozo. More urban than the latter, the island of Malta is a festive place full of activities, each more varied than the last. From shopping to nightclubs to the various cultural and historical places to visit, you never get bored in Malta.

Navily has therefore selected for you the best rated places on the island of Malta based on the opinions of the community. To visit Valletta, which is the Maltese capital, nothing better than the anchorage of [Rinella Bay] ( Located a little further from the capital in order to have a little more tranquility, it remains accessible with buses and shuttles. Festive atmosphere guaranteed in summer. Otherwise, if you want to avoid the bus and stay directly in the capital, the [Roland Marina] ( is both the cheapest and the top rated on the island. If, on the other hand, you are looking for peace and serenity, then [Ghajn Tuffieha] ( happens to be the perfect place to escape the crowds of tourists from Valletta.