Discover Menorca with Navily

The Balearic Islands are certainly one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. Located off the Spanish east coast, they are full of natural, architectural and cultural treasures spread over the five main islands. Menorca, one of these five main islands, is famous for its many beaches, each more paradisiacal than the next: When Ibiza and Mallorca are known for their festive atmosphere, Menorca is known for its calm and its more family.

[Arenal d'en Castell] (https://www.navily.com/fr/mouillage/arenal-den-castell/16706), [Punta de Sa Creu] (https://www.navily.com/fr/ anchorage / fornells-punta-de-sa-creu / 19071), [Cala de Algaiarens] (https://www.navily.com/fr/mouillage/cala-de-algaiarens/7266), [Cala Son Saura] ( https://www.navily.com/fr/mouillage/cala-son-saura/14596), [Cala Covas] (https://www.navily.com/mouillage/cala-covas/8046) and [Cala Macarella ] (https://www.navily.com/fr/mouillage/cala-macarella/6829) are the best anchorages in Menorca according to the community.

Menorca is full of other splendid places to discover. You can find them all on the map to choose your ideal stopover on Navily.