Discover the Puglia region on Navily

Puglia, or Puglia in Italian, is a region in southern Italy. Renowned for its paradisiacal coastline and its authenticity, this region is full of typical Italian places to discover. Its capital, Lecce, is a young and dynamic city, unlike Bari, nicknamed the Florence of the South. The towns of Brindisi, Ostuni and Alberobello are also worth a visit. This region and its varied landscapes have something to make everyone agree.

The anchorage of [Stadtkai] (, in the town of Brindisi, is the best rated in the sector. The [Nautica Ranieri] ( in Bari is a perfect port of call.

The anchorages of [Gallipoli] (, of [Torre del Pizzo] ( -pizzo / 15738) or [Otranto] ( are very popular with the community.

Many other ports and anchorages are referenced on Navily to help you have an unforgettable experience in the Puglia region.