Marina Villa Igiea 

2.6 (8 ratings)
  • 38° 8' 36" N, 13° 22' 15" E / See on the map

About Marina Villa Igiea

  • 379
  • 65 m
  • 5 m
  • 74
    VHF channel
  • +39 091 364123

Services and equipments

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Showers
  • Restrooms
  • Fuel
  • WIFI

User reviews (8 ratings)

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  • Cayo Tardo
    Cayo Tardo ~ 03/05/2021
    CAYOTARDO | Sailboat ~ 12.37 m

    Simply the best Marina in the city! Our congratulations to the management and to all the staff who, in addition to being professional, are really welcoming! We highly recommend taking advantage of the location of this beautiful and luxurious marina to fully experience the joys of this city! The staff of CAYO TARDO CHARTER

    Semplicemente il miglior Marina della città! I nostri complimenti alla direzione ed a tutto il personale che oltre a essere professionale è veramente accogliente! Consigliamo vivamente di approfittare della posizione di questo splendido e lussuoso porto turistico per vivere al meglio le gioie di questa città! Lo staff di CAYO TARDO CHARTER

  • Laurent ~ 19/08/2020
    Intrépide 12 | Sailboat ~ 14.91 m

    Run away! Run away! Run away! They are very organized thieves. If you winterize your boat and ask them for a quote, they will do the work for you without a quote and ask you for an astronomical price! Then, they are ready to do anything to make you pay, including sequestering your belongings or leaving your boat to run dry overnight. They are also the world champions of red tape ... Never seen that! They have an incredible ability to drive you nuts. RUN AWAY!!!

    Fuyez! Fuyez! Fuyez! Ce sont des voleurs très organisés. Si vous hivernez votre bateau et que vous leur demandez un devis, ils vous feront les travaux sans faire de devis et vous demanderont un prix astronomique! Ensuite, Ils sont prêts à tout pour vous faire payer y compris à séquestrer vos affaires ou à laisser frotter votre bateau toute la nuit. Ce sont aussi les champions du Monde des tracasseries administratives... Jamais vu ça! Ils ont une capacité incroyable à vous rendre dingue. F-U-Y-E-Z!!!

  • Arturo ~ 21/06/2020
    Magazzu | RIB ~ 13 m

    Good Marina

    Buona Marina

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