Channel Islands

Discover the Channel Islands with Navily

The Channel Islands, located 30 kilometers off the coast of Normandy, are an archipelago of 14 islands, of which Jersey, Guernsey, Herm and Chausey are the main islands.

Jersey, the largest island of the archipelago, has for capital Saint-Hélier. It's a place where you will find many English shops and a very atypical flower market.

St Brelade Bay (, St Helier Harbour (, and Gorey Harbour ( are the most popular ports of call for the Navily community.

Guernsey, the second most important island in the archipelago, is best known for the exile of Victor Hugo in the 19th century. It has some good anchorages to offer, such as Moulin Huet Bay or Havelet Bay.

The other islands of the Archipelago are also full of interesting places to visit and you will always find the best stopovers on Navily.