The extensive Laziale coastline combines the pleasure and beauty of a clean sea with the numerous bathing establishments on the coast. Restaurants and kiosks are held on beaches such as Latina, Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo, Gaeta and Sperlonga. The whole coast alternates from the beach to small rocky inlets, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.

One of the most popular beaches is Terracina , famous for its nocturnal entertainment. Among the most famous we have that of Canzatora, suitable for relaxing with the family. For lovers of snorkeling instead, do not miss the Tiberio Cave: a suggestive natural cove to admire a great variety of fish!

Sail and drop anchor in the beautiful Pontine islands: Scoglio la Nave , Frontone , Punta Papa , La Caletta , and the Vricci Beach are just a few places to relax and take a dip!

Consult the notices of boaters on Navily and book a berth in the great Marina di Capo d'Anzio , belonging to the Marinedi group network or be welcomed by the Porzio and Nautica Enros Pontoon in the island of Ponza.

With Navily it's simple!