Lisbon coast

Discover the Lisbon coast with Navily

As its name suggests, the Lisbon Coast extends over the entire Lisbon metropolitan area and a few neighboring towns. Lisbon is a coastal city renowned for its relaxed lifestyle: the Portuguese capital is a lively city with colorful buildings, historic places, a mild climate, but above all superb beaches, ports and anchorages.

Navily has selected a few for you using reviews from the community.

The [Canal do Seixal] ( is a perfect anchorage to visit the city or to restock. 10 minutes from the ferry to Lisbon, this anchorage is also perfect for those who wish to take a tour of the capital.

Otherwise, the [Cascais Marina] ( is the perfect place to stay for a longer time. A little further from Lisbon, Cascais is a perfect seaside town for a somewhat quieter stay. The beaches are cleaner there than in Lisbon.

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