Lycian coast

Discover the Lycian coast with Navily

The Lycian coast is a region of Turkey known for its beauty: according to many, it is even the most beautiful region in the country. On one side the sea and on the other the mountains, the varied landscape will appeal to nature lovers. For those who love civilization: don't panic. There are two 'big' cities on the Lycian coast: Antalya in the west and Fethiye in the east.

Navily has selected the most emblematic anchorages in the region for you. The [Akvaryum koyu] anchorage ( is renowned for its excellent service: associated with a restaurant, it is an opportunity to taste the Turkish cuisine in a splendid setting. Further west in the Lycian coast, you will find the [Kalekoy] anchorage (, located not far from the town of Cevreli. There is a lot to do here: restaurants, a former Crusader castle and sea turtles await you.

The Lycian coast has many other surprises in store and Navily always references the best spots in the region for you.

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