Northern Aegan islands

Discover the North Aegean Islands with Navily

The North Aegean Islands, shared between Greece and Turkey, are an archipelago made up of a dozen islands. The main islands of this archipelago are Samos, Chios, Lemnos and Ikaria. Unknown for a long time, more and more tourists are attracted by historical monuments and the wild and natural side of islands like Lemnos and Thassos.

It is a region that has no shortage of picturesque stops to stop and appreciate the historical and natural beauty of its islands.

The port of [Myrina] (, on the island of Lemnos, is highly rated on Navily. Perfect for visiting the island which is known for its calm and its wildlife.

On the island of Samos is the anchorage of [Pythagorion] (, birthplace of the famous mathematician of the same name.

All the North Aegean islands are just as beautiful and interesting as the others and Navily has no shortage of interesting spots to explore in the region.