Province of Olbia Tempio

Sardinia is an island envied by everyone for the beauty of its coastline and the turquoise color of its sea. The north-east part in fact offers sailors many possibilities' landing place surrounded by different landscapes with the typical scent of the Mediterranean. In the province of Olbia the diporces can admire unique environments and anchor in coves and gulfs such as Golfo Aranci , Golfo di Marinella and Nodu Piano.

Beaches such as Cala di Volpe , La Celvia and Mortorio are popular for their white sand and sea colors ranging from turquoise to light blue. You can not miss a dive in these dream waters!

Stop in the many ports that Navily offers and book your berth in time! Be welcomed by helpful and friendly moorings like those of the port of Porto Rotondo or moor in the little corner of paradise in Marina dell'Isola.